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Pauper Burn – Steve Rubin (With Videos)

Steve Rubin has an interesting take on Pauper Burn. He posted an article with videos on, his list includes Stagger Shock and Burst Lightning. Creatures 4x Firebrand Archer 4x Thermo-Alchemist Spells 1x Burst Lightning 4x Chain Lightning 3x Curse of the Pierced Heart 4x Fireblast 4x Lava Spike 4x Lightning Bolt 4x Needle Drop Read More

Magic: the Gathering, Fireblast Art by Micheal Danza

Burn Deck – Pauper Edition!

I’ll admit, I don’t play pauper much at all. The last time I played pauper a few years ago at an LGS before they were able to host sanctioned Friday Night Magic.  With Channel Fireball offering side events at January 2018 GrandPrix events, I figured I would update my pauper burn list. I’ve been scouring pauper Read More