I’ve been playing Magic: the Gathering since early 1994. My first exposure to the game was at the Local Youth Center, learning how to play the game with other kids. My first purchase was a beta starter deck at a flea market for $7.99.  I won my first tournament I attended, shortly after Fallen Empires was released.  I played a discard deck using Hypnotic Specters and The Rack to beat down my opponents. Prior to that tournament, I had only played in casual events with my friends and had only a hand full of wins to my name.

Since then I’ve played in thousands of events, including dozens of Grand Prix and Star City Opens. I have a top 16 finish in Eternal Extravaganza 6, playing Legacy Burn, Recently top 8 in an SSG Invitational Qualifier playing Modern Burn. My ultimate “bucket list” goal would be able to participate in a Star City Games invitational or a Pro Tour.

You can currently find me playing at my favorite local game stores in Upstate, NY.
These stores include;
Black Attic Games, Groton, NY.
Heroes and Villains, Cortland, NY.
Larger Than Life Toys and Comics, Clay, NY.
Mythic Games, Elmira, NY.